Data Orchestration
& Observability

for Snowflake

Develop, deploy, and run SQL, DBT, & Python together in a data pipeline
Monitor data usage, data quality, and data lineage in a fully-automated data catalog


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One tool to manage all your data pipelines in Snowflake

Easily build source-to-target data pipelines in one tool! Combine Python, DBT, and SQL in one pipeline without having to schedule and run jobs across different environments.

As a native-cloud product, Carve allows you to focus on building pipelines instead of infrastructure. Plus you get full pipeline observability including logging, alerting, and notifications.

  • All in one platform
  • Fully SaaS
  • Easy to manage
  • Highly scalable

Automatically catalog all of your data in Snowflake

Carve automatically catalogs all of the objects in your Snowflake instance and calculates object-level usage, lineage, and data quality.

Data observability in Carve makes it easy to see which objects are being used, by who, and how they're defined. We also include high-level data quality checks with the ability for you to customize you're own data validation as part of your data pipelines.

  • Fully automated
  • Object lineage
  • Usage and engagement metrics
  • Object level permissions

All-in-one platform for you data pipeline and cataloging needs

Snowflake + Carve allows you to focus on your data and not on your infrastructure. Carve enables you to build, execute, and manage the full data lifecycle in a simple, easy, and scalable way without needing to manage various tools across multiple environments.

Easily manage all your data in Snowflake

  • Orchestration of SQL and Python
  • Automated Data Catalog and Lineage
  • Easy. Simple. Powerful.

Access powerful features to simplify your data journey quickly

Our cloud-native app allows you to get started quickly. Simply connect to Snowflake and start executing data pipelines within minutes and explore your entire data catalog within hours.

Integrate with what you already have